Here at Teed Up Golf Carts, we care about the reliability and performance of your golf cart and your safety is our number one priority.

Our technicians perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection to check for any hidden problems currently on your cart or one of those that is headed your way we will find it and correct it, routine maintenance issues, and assurance that your cart performs right and safely.

Engine - Tune-ups, oil changes, compression testing, valve adjustments, checking and adjusting starter/generator belt and verifying proper battery charging, cleaning starter/generator, checking drive belts and clutch function, replacing drive and starter belts, and ignition as well as associated micro switches and solenoids.

Drivetrain - Checking differentials is vital for your cart to drive right as are, motor couplings, motor mounts everything from the motor to the pavement.

Batteries & Cables – As an authorized dealer for both Interstate Batteries and Eco Batteries, our technicians know exactly how to take care of both your electric and gas powered carts. We'll clean, maintain proper water levels, perform diagnostic run tests on your batteries for proper discharge times and voltage outputs, inspect all cables, replace if necessary, check battery hold downs, tighten all connections and seal against corrosion.

Wire Harness - Check throughout the cart for corrosion, loose connections, or even visible damage which we'll then repair or replace as needed.

Brakes - Replacement of brake shoes or pads and readjusting the system. Inspect brake cables and linkages for any damages or wear. it's fun to go but IMPERATIVE to stop, we will make sure that you do and you do it safely and reliably.

Front and Rear Suspension - Visually check for any damaged or worn components such as your carts bushings, leaf springs, tie rods, kingpins, shocks and all associated hardware.

Tires - Inspect for normal wear. Perform front end alignment and valve check each tire for proper inflation.


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